Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dear Kitten Fund Sponsors,

A ginormous passel o’ kittens arrived this past month, including loads of Olympians (aptly named Mary Lou, Phelps, Solo, etc.) We also have a batch of orange marmalade kittens that look like identical quads – sooooo cute. And sooooo identical. A lucky adopter fell in love with one of them, but was it Orangina? Tangelo? Mora? Maybe it was Mandarin. I cannot tell them apart to save my life. In fact, we had to scan the kitten’s microchip to make sure we knew just which kitten to send home!

A peek through the Intake or Quarantine doors of late offers wall-to-wall kittens, some of whom (including the Oranges) have been getting some remedial socializing. Kittens don’t generally remain feral for long around here. (Speaking of which, Samantha and Sadie have finally graduated to suite life and no longer reside in the apartment with the teeny babies. Congratulations, girls!)

Notice I didn’t mention JJ in that moved-to-suites crew. That’s partly because he was a holy terror the last time we tried introducing him to suite life and some of our toughest suite cats totally cowed. But I think it’s also because the apartment bedroom is JJ’s Never Never Land. If ever a cat could sing “I Won’t Grow Up”, JJ is the boy.

In spite of the fact that he’s quite a big boy (his back feet are about the same size as some of the little kittens), JJ is acting more kittenish than ever. Little Flash, the poofball pictured below against a JJ backdrop, is aptly named, and spent all his free time this month figuring out how to escape (in a flash) from the bedroom.

Our girl Blossom (doesn’t she look great?) would get in on the action, too. As soon as they heard the apartment door open, they’d be poised on their toes, and the moment a person laid a hand on the bedroom door, they’d be off like a shot. The two of them would start from across the room, so they’d have several feet to gain speed and to aim for any opening they could find. Try as one might, no person can completely block an opening door alone, and those two kittens would squirt through and have the time of their life romping around the apartment until that poor person would manage to corral them again – and that was no small task.

The real fun would begin when JJ would join in – really, he was just waiting for his opportunity to wreak the most havoc. When the victim person would open the bedroom door to put Flash and Blossom back where they belonged, JJ would shoot out the door. The person would have to put Blossom and Flash down and turn to catch JJ…by which time the two littler ones had escaped once again! If they were children, these three would have been overcome with giggles, they were having so much fun! I was an unintentional participant in this ritual several times over, and I couldn’t help but laugh with the kittens.

These little troublemakers would like to invite you to Catoberfest on Saturday, October 6th at Tabby’s Place. The big day includes a silent auction, book signing by Gwen Cooper (author of Homer’s Odyssey), live music and all kinds of lectures and goodies. The kittens would love to see you, and you can click here for more information about the event. In case you can’t join us in person, you can start bidding in the cats’ online silent auction this Monday (9/17) by clicking here. Every penny raised will help care for the kitties.

We would love to see you there! And if you do come to Catoberfest, you have got to stop in to visit the kitten’s domain. Flash won’t be there (he’s been adopted, and is now sprinting madly around his forever home), but Blossom and JJ would love to introduce you to their other roommates.

Thank you, as always, for your support. With your help, we can give these little ones wonderful kittenhoods!