Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dear Kitten Fund sponsors,

Even though we’re in high kitten season, we don’t have a lot of kittens at Tabby’s Place. It seems like we’ve had a zillion, though, because they’ve been so sickly and difficult. Blossom and Thorn, whom you met last month, both have had GI troubles, and Mung and Lentil had to go to the kitty ICU because they were dreadfully sick. Helix wasn’t sick, but is a bit of a diva, having made an appearance on TV with Gus, and now we have a pack of feral kittens who are taking pointers from their even more feral mom. Just imagine if we had 20 kittens like we did at this time last year!

The cutie pie in this month’s photo is Brian, who was rescued by a kind fellow from the mean streets of Lambertville, NJ. Brian was an excellent baby for his foster mom, Danielle, and his first several weeks he ate, pooped, and grew like a weed! Unlike so many of our other little ones, he was a healthy and thriving kitten. Until he had to start becoming a big kitten instead of a baby.

When Danielle weaned Brian off tube feeding, he refused to take a bottle. And he refused to eat any food. Nothing was wrong with him, though, he was just being fussy. He liked being pampered to the nth degree, and he wanted his life to stay that way. I know, I know, all our cats at Tabby’s Place are pampered, right? But we do ask that they chew their own food and swallow independently, cruel taskmasters that we are (or so Brian would have had you believe!)

Luckily, Brian got over his pouting, and he’s now living on his own in the apartment bedroom at Tabby’s Place with several other adorable little ones. These days he makes our lives difficult by lying on our shoes when we try to leave and mewling imploringly when we try to say goodbye. We don’t mind, though. Being adorable is his job.

Thank you for supporting all of our kittens, and a special head bonk for you from little Brian!