Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dearest kitten friends,

Here in mid-December, we find ourselves in the thick of one of my favorite times of year. Not because of the gift-giving, or the lights, and definitely not because of various inflatable whatsits that populate neighborhood yards. No, this is the time of year when life gives us a chance to step back for a moment and reflect on what’s important and what the past year has brought us.

Our cats at Tabby’s Place definitely fall into the “what’s important” category for me. I’ve gotten to know so many wonderful kitties, and this year, so many wonderful kittens. I’m a music teacher in real life, and I thought it could be fun to adapt a song about all the delightful little ones that have passed through the sanctuary doors this year. But where to start? One for the little bitty baby…? Nope. We three kings of orient are…? Nah. The Twelve Days of Christmas? Still not enough. Not enough, you ask? What does that mean? Let me explain.

If I were to put together a song enumerating all the lovely, tiny, wee darlings that have called Tabby’s Place home in 2011, it would have to be able to handle some big numbers. BIG numbers. Because we have welcomed no less than 65 kittens this year.

65. Amazing. Just think of our 65 little ones. How lovely that thought is.

Lilana, Jackson, Rachel, Grace, Edna, Bobbi, Finnegan, Solgar, Basil, Jeremy, Paisley, Leanne, Velvet, Orville, Dorito, Paul Newman, Leonard, and Leroy may not have come to us with their families intact, but you helped provide them one here.

And our crazily thematically named litters – the Cheese litter, Cookie litter, Arabian litter, Country Kids, Bus litter (yes, we named cute little kittens after bus makes), J Crew, Napoleon Dynamite litter, Monk litter, and even the Prison Crew (yes, ditto, but in our defense, they were born behind bars) – these families, some complete with mamas, we welcomed with open arms.

We also tasted the bitterest tears, when we couldn’t save Badger, Pfeffernusse, Biscotti, Snickerdoodle, Elisha, Huldah, Deborah, Antonio, Manny, and Salma. We loved them deeply for every blessed moment they were with us.

And we shared in the sweetest joy, when Bunny gave birth to Chipmunk, Squirrel, and Mouse right here at Tabby’s Place.

These littlest cats have a hold on our hearts like no other, as you well know, and because of them we have lived more fully.

So when I think of what’s most important, and reflect on what this year has brought, I am so grateful for every moment. And I know I speak for everyone at Tabby’s Place, both human and feline, when I say thank you for your wonderful support.
Through your generosity, you have helped 65 of our littlest friends know love and know the warmth of a home this year.

I hope you have a holiday season filled with love, joy, and laughter.