Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Greetings, Team Kitten!

This month, I’d like to introduce you to Bobbi. I’ve never met a kitten named Bobbi before, but it seems that when she first arrived at Tabby’s Place, she was known as Bob. I’ve also never met a kitten named Bob, but in this kitten’s case, Bob wasn’t just a funny name, it was just all kinds of wrong. One peek under the hood by our vet tech, and Bobbi she became.

Bobbi came to us with a horribly infected left eye. Kittens are susceptible to upper respiratory infections, but this had gone far beyond that. It was clear almost from the start that Bobby was going to lose her eye, it was just that bad, but she was so little – only about 4 to 5 weeks – that surgery was too big a risk for her just yet.

So we smothered Bobbi with love, food, and attention in the meantime, and boy, did she soak it up! This sweet little girl loves her mama Denise, who hand-fed her, bathed her, and gave her all the mama-love and medical attention she needed. It was clear that Bobbi didn’t feel the best (and who would with her condition?), but she was warm, well-fed, and loved, which was a big step in the right direction.

About two weeks ago, we determined that Bobbi’s eye had reached a critical point, and she was finally big enough to withstand surgical intervention – and good thing, because her eye was really yucky. In fact, our medical team removed her eye and did a super careful suture job, and Bobby came through with flying colors. She’s recovering beautifully and had her sutures removed last week.

Now that her eye finally feels better, it’s been remarkable to see the change in Bobbi’s personality. In retrospect, she must have felt even sicker than we’d realized, because ever since, she has been quite the firecracker! She’s working really hard to make up for the days she didn’t feel like playing or being curious by bouncing around constantly and getting into every little thing. Bobbi’s just now being treated for ringworm, and she puts up quite a fight about it. It’s wonderful to see what a difference a single medical procedure can make in a little cat’s life – she is certainly full of pep now!

Thank you for being a part of the circle of support for our littlest kitties, and especially Bobbi. With your help, we can provide treatment for our kittens that they might not be able to get elsewhere. Bobbi has a long and loving life to look forward to now, even if she does look with just one eye. There’s no holding this little one back any longer!