Special Update for Jonathan

Special Update for Jonathan

Dearest sponsors,

I’m so sorry to scare you with a “special update.” Please rest assured that our marvelous mop is very much alive, and we’re doing everything in our power to make him well.

But I must tell you that we are quite concerned about our brave, bushy-faced boy. As his devoted friends, it’s only right that you be the first to know what’s going on.

All week, Jonathan has struggled with a bout of diarrhea. We’ve all felt so badly for him, as he looks like he feels just dreadful (in Jonathan the human’s words, Jonathan the cat is looking “punk”). But Jonathan’s tummy troubles haven’t just been unpleasant; they’ve been unfriendly to his fragile kidneys.

In the past couple of days, Jonathan has become quite dehydrated, and his already-troublesome kidney values have worsened considerably. When he’s in sprightly health, we have the luxury of forgetting that Jonathan has very serious kidney disease. But his recent illness has exacerbated his renal issues, and our vet team is rightly concerned.

Right now, Jonathan is resting comfortably in our in-house hospital, where we’re treating him with medication for his diarrhea and serious fluid support. We remain optimistic that we can pull our brave, beloved boy through this crisis, and you’ll be the first to know when he’s back to himself.

Meantime, thank you, more than ever, for your generosity and devotion to little Jonathan. He is blessed to have friends like you, and we’ll make sure to deliver your love along with all his medications.

With warmest gratitude,