Aged to Purrfection Fund

It’s easy to think of Special Needs cats as “needy” – and they do need extra care. But our bravest cats regularly remind us that they are also in the business of meeting needs. Truth be told, Special Needs cats nurture us more than we could ever repay.

One fabulous cadre of Special Needs cats hits the road on a mission of love every week. The Tabby’s Place Aged to Purrfection Program unites social kitties like AnkaCarrot and Rose with loving seniors.

Aged to Purrfection is a volunteer run program that delivers mega-doses of joy and encouragement each week. Devoted Tabby’s Place volunteers transport special kitties to senior living or rehabilitation centers for scheduled visits. Our Aged to Purrfection cats are exceptional felines, selected for the program on the basis of their gentleness with people, their confidence, and their knack for delivering joy. Each is also a certified therapy animal.

Our Aged to Purrfection program brings joy to everyone involved–of both species. For instance, resident Helen loves the cats and frequently shares stories of her youth on a farm, where people used to drop off their unwanted cats. Resident Dorothy is usually sitting, unsmiling, until Carrot or Rose arrives —then she brightens while petting them. Resident Gloria has never met a cat she doesn’t like, but she particularly enjoys petting lap cats like Tux. Then there is Resident Ken, who has told our volunteers that he doesn’t like cats and always refused to engage with them, until Stafford hopped up on his lap one afternoon and stayed there for an extended period, while Ken indulged him with pets.

While several of our Aged to Purrfection cats already have a family of sponsors, all of our Aged to Purrfection cats have unique special needs. Denni is blind and on medication for high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism. Steven battles GI issues that are managed by a special diet and medication. Alice is urinary incontinent and has hyperthyroidism. Angelo has a history of urinary issues and is on a special diet. During times of acute illness, Aged to Purrfection felines cannot make their scheduled visits.

By supporting our Aged to Purrfection fund, you will help to keep all our Aged to Purrfection kitties healthy and happy so that they can continue to spread joy in our community.

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