Sam ease

Sharing a name with someone doesn’t necessarily mean much. Just picture a BFF coffee-date between Williams: Willie Nelson, William F. Buckley and Will.I.Am. Try Anthonys Hopkins and Weiner. Or maybe Richards like Dick Cheney and Ricky Martin, or Roberts like Bob Marley and Bob Saget (extra bonus if they invited Bob Dylan). Sometimes a name […]

Samuel IV

“Sam” has been a name associated with invincible coolness at Tabby’s Place. The original Sammy lived and thrived long beyond his “expiration date.” The unsinkable Sammie whupped congestive heart failure’s tail for three years. One-and-a-half-eyed tabby Sam was the epitome of sweetness. And, now, zingy little sable Sam has landed the dream of all Samuels: a […]