Update for Rose

Update for Rose

Dear Team Rose,

A big mystery last month was whether Punxsutawney Phil, the Pennsylvania groundhog, saw his shadow.  It is believed that seeing his shadow means an extra six weeks of winter, and not seeing his shadow means an early spring.  My correspondent lives in Pennsylvania and we both think groundhogs are adorable, and we cheer for Phil.  This year he saw his shadow, which means more winter.  Being the optimistic black-and-white southern kitty that I am, I believe it might not be as bad as some think.

How else can I explain temperatures in Ringoes, NJ in the 70s in early March?  You know what that means!  Stroller rides are returning, and solarium parties begin!  I get so happy when I see the flower bulbs coming out of the ground!  Plastic tarps are hung in the solariums during the winter months so that the elements do not blow on the cats.  When spring arrives, tarps are removed so the cats can enjoy magical sights—Cherny’s Garden, where beautiful flowers are waiting to bloom with swirls of butterflies, bird feeders filled with treats next to each solarium, the very special Memorial Walkway where humans donate engraved bricks to honor their angel humans or pets, and now there is a walkway which wraps around to Quinn’s Corner.

I can feel it in my fur, the world is starting to turn right side up.  Wearing masks is now optional at Tabby’s Place.  Optional is a great word, as I always favor what makes people comfortable.  We cats are excited to see smiling faces again, as it has been a while, but we certainly understand the why.  My correspondent always kisses me hello and goodbye on the top of my head. I am excited to see and feel her face again.

I have been busy welcoming visitors.  I smile inside when I see the shine in visitors’ eyes when they enter the lobby doors.  Olive is always at the front door to welcome visitors, and I am usually perched on a chair waiting to share my love.  Yesterday I met a family who took a tour with my correspondent.   They had a young daughter who was in cat heaven.  My correspondent introduced the family to the lobby cats, and told the young daughter that I was sweet, friendly, and enjoyed being petted- I was on cloud nine.  Aside from my lobby ambassador duties, I help inventory the donations.  We received a big box of cat food which is a good thing because you know how I enjoy tasting many flavors.  Lately, I am not the only lobby cat who finishes the leftover dinner food dishes (to help staff with cleanup).  My pal Disco joins me for food rounds.  For a petite cat, I can move fast.  Last night I waited at the laundry room door for Andrew, the volunteer feeder.  As soon as he came out holding a food tray, I ran after him.  The staff and volunteers in the lobby were gobsmacked at my cheetah-like speed.

During quiet times we lobby cats chit chat about all the happy things in our lives.  We are so lucky to be in a safe sanctuary filled with so much love and care.  I share that I am especially blessed to have you as my sponsor.  Your generosity and love carry me through each day, each month, and each year.  Thank you for being a part of my life, and for allowing me to be a part of your life.

Cat and human health are similar when it comes to preventive care.  I could not be in a better residence than Tabby’s Place because the vet staff keeps me under close health supervision.  My health report this month is focused on preventive care.  My in-house urinalyses continue to come up negative, but one of my cultures showed evidence of infection, so I received a long-acting antibiotic by injection.  Further urine tests indicate that I am not concentrating my urine, which is likely indicative of some early renal compromise or damage from the perpetual urinary tract infections (in cat speak, one of several reasons repeat urinary tract infections are problematic is because they do require the kidneys to work overtime).  My daily bottom baths and disposable diapers work great as preventative measures, plus they make me feel so clean and fresh.  This month I had at least one instance of vomiting and several instances of loose stools.  I was noted to have some increased respiratory noise, but my chest x-rays and bloodwork looked normal.  Paws crossed for a healthy March.

Sending you some lucky shamrock whisker kisses!

(With help from your correspondent, Ilene)