Update for Rose

Update for Rose

Hi y’all!  It’s Rose, and I would be much obliged for your assistance.

Why do clocks get turned back in the fall?  I scratch my li’l black and white furry head in disbelief.  Lobby cats love to have maximum sunshine, and if I had my druthers, we would have 20 hours a day of sunlight.  One of our super feline powers is to sleep whether it is light or dark.

I love our Tabby’s Place volunteers because they help us cats as well as one another.  One of the lunch feeders was unable to come in, so my correspondent was asked to fill in.  As soon as she walked out of the laundry room with a food tray, I took off at her like an Indy 500 car.  She laughed so hard that she almost dropped the tray – darn, that would have been perfect!   I understand why I’m not on the lunch roster, but I continue to do my part to help clean the lobby by emptying any stray food dishes I might find.

Take a good look at me, and tell me if you notice anything new.  Well, I was gifted with a whole bunch of new, colorful diapies.  I feel so happy because the diapies are quite pretty and look so good on my bottom.  My correspondent says she would love to find a “cow pattern” diapie to complement my black and white coat.  I am grateful for the new diapies, and when I remove my new diapie, I still leave it next to me on the lobby chair.  Again, I want to prevent extra work for the staff!

My work in the Aged to Purrfection program is going great.  I really enjoy spending time with the seniors, having them pet me, and seeing the happiness in their eyes, bless their hearts.  When the program expands in 2020, I hope to help even more to spread purr therapy.

The Tabby’s Place Chip or Treat event went well last month.  Although my roommates and I were moved out of the lobby for the day because of cat and dog visitors, we received updates on all the activities.  The microchipping went well and quite a few dogs and cats visited Tabby’s Place with their human families.  There were lots of people in the costume contest, and if someone wanted their pet to dress up, there was a photo booth!  Lots and lots of refreshments for humans, and I could even smell the warm spiced cider.  My day was extra special because one of my sponsors stopped by to say hi and bring me my favorite, a catnip banana.

The next Tabby’s Place event is Thanksgiving with the Cats on November 23rd.  I hope that you can join us!  Guests get to feed us a Thanksgiving dinner, and my plan is to put on sad/hungry kitty eyes, so I get lots of turkey!  There will be refreshments for the humans (including warm spiced cider), tours, Tabby’s Place merchandise, and a cool Silent Auction.  If I had a credit card, I would probably bid on all the auction items!

My health report card this month shows an “E” for excellent.  I had two instances of pesky bloody urine, but no infection at either point, so staff are keeping a close eye on me.

Last night before dinner I was in my crate and my correspondent made sure I had a big fluffy cat bed.  Suddenly, I started kneading and kneading.  I looked like I was making biscuits for Thanksgiving!  I love all the holidays and especially Thanksgiving because I like to express how grateful I am for all the goodness in my world.  From my heart to yours, I am so thankful to have you as my sponsor.  Knowing that a li’l black and white southern kitty has a special someone there for me 365 days a year, through the good times and bad times, makes me feel so blessed.  Thank you for being in my life and for caring. I love you!

I hope that your Thanksgiving is filled with lots of love and laughter and big whisker kisses!

(With help from your correspondent, Ilene)