Update for Rose

Update for Rose

Dear Sponsors,

Hi y’all!   I can’t wait another second to tell my favorite sponsors some amazing news, and I mean amazing news!  Y’all know how I am in Tabby’s Place Aged to Purrfection program.  I visit senior living centers and spread my best Southern joy and purr therapy to seniors.  I really love my volunteer work with the seniors, and when their faces light up, my heart lights up.

Wait for it…I am over the moon because I just received my official certification as a therapy animal,  or—as my correspondent calls me —a “certified therapy feline goddess.”  In addition to a very official certificate, I received a pink bandanna and some other goodies.  My correspondent was with me and took lots of pictures to share my special occasion with you.

I think back over the past year, and I know without you as my sponsor, I might not be here to help others.  My correspondent had tears in her eyes because she was so proud of me.  Who would have thought that a li’l black and white Southern kitty with Special Needs would become a proud, certified therapy animal and help others?  I believe we all get wiser as we age, and it is so important to pay it forward and help others.  I have been blessed by having so many people in my life who stopped to care and help me, and I plan to do the same.

I am so happy that spring is here: the sun shines, the birds chirp, the flowers bloom into color, and the activity level picks up at Tabby’s Place.  At the last monthly new volunteer orientation, I welcomed new friends with some cute Rose poses.  Happily, we continue to welcome new residents and place our cats and kittens into forever families.

Recently, a visitor asked my correspondent if Special Needs cats like myself are adopted from Tabby’s Place.  As my grandmama cat would say, “There is a lid to every pot.”  Pixie, the cute li’l orange paraplegic in our Community Room, was recently adopted by a young lady who is a vet tech.  I wish Pixie and her mama all the love and happiness in the world!

If you listen closely, you will hear the pitter patter of kittens.  Yes, it is that time of year, and the Tabby’s Place kittens are headed to our 6th Annual Kitten Shower & Adoption Event on Saturday, June 22.  Every year, my correspondent and I are on the watch for a li’l kitten that looks like a mini-me.  Maybe this will be the year!  If not, I have my mini moo stuffed animal (see the picture).

The staff and volunteers work so hard to make the Kitten Shower an amazing event.  I can’t wait to meet visitors, and paws crossed that we have lots of kitten adoptions.  Big cat adoptions would be great, too!  I would be honored if you stopped by the shower, but you are welcome any day of the year for a visit.

It is not a myth, cats do smile, and I am smiling as I give you my monthly health update.  My only, and I repeat, only, issue this month was a painful tooth that had to be pulled.  I was a brave girl and got through the procedure with flying colors.  My correspondent explained that, when a human loses a tooth, you put it under your pillow, and you get a prize.  Well, I got a really swell prize!  The volunteer who does feeding was away, and my correspondent filled in for her, and my tooth prize was a very generous food portion for supper.  I ate every morsel!

In June we celebrate a very special holiday, Father’s Day.  Whether your children are humans or furbabies, Happy Father’s Day!  I am sending you some special whisker kisses!

(with help from her correspondent, Ilene)