Update for Morgan

Update for Morgan

It has been a long time since I’ve been a Special Needs correspondent. Years, in fact. So, why did I decide to write for Morgan? Good question.

He is my office-mate, but that’s not the primary reason… The truth is that Morgan’s disease frightens me. I have always thought of a saddle thrombus as one of the worst things that can befall a cat.

The owner is faced with a painful decision: euthanize the cat, or give him a chance to recover. Unfortunately, good outcomes are very rare and as time goes by, the decision becomes more and more difficult. Frankly, I have always feared having to make such a decision.

Fortunately, Morgan is one of a very few cats I know of who has survived saddle thrombus with a good quality of life (our Sylvia is another example and has been thriving for two years since her incident- a miracle).

So, I decided to follow the same path I did when starting Tabby’s Place: go towards the place that scares me.

Enough about me.

Morgan has been doing wonderfully since his arrival.
His mobility has improved over time and, while I wouldn’t describe his walking as “graceful,” he gets around very well. He uses the litter box faithfully and often ambles over to me and rubs against my legs, chattering adorably all the while.

He is a wonderful office-mate. He is friendly and appreciates the smallest token of attention. Speak to him and he rolls onto his back with delight. Pet him and he responds with joy. Brush him and he reaches nirvana.

Morgan is on a number of medications to try to manage his severe heart disease. But the truth is that no one is certain how effective these drugs are and he is always at risk of another blood clot. It’s hard not to worry for him.

So, please keep a good thought for him and remember him in your prayers. He is a sweet boy and I hope he is with us for a long time. It is an honor to be his correspondent and to keep you to date on him. Thank you for your interest in our boy and your support of our time with him.