Update for Morgan

Update for Morgan

I recall with fondness the days when Morgan was so shy that he hid behind the door in my office, rarely venturing even a paw across the threshold.

It is with mixed feelings that I acknowledge that those times are gone.
Morgan is no longer my roommate.

In fact, he has become so confident that he now lives in the Lobby, venturing into my office only occasionally.
I can’t say I blame him. He is incredibly social and he entrances everyone who walks into the Lobby.

Not only has his confidence grown, but he has regained an amazing amount of functionality in his legs.
Below is a photo of him sitting on the top ledge of the Reception Desk.
This a good 4 1/2 feet off the ground and is reached by first jumping onto the desk behind this ledge.
Morgan accomplishes this with no problem whatsoever.

Recently, Morgan has decided that even the Lobby is not enough for him.
He has taken to slipping through open doors at every opportunity.
This has now happened often enough that we have posted signs on every door from the Lobby warning people to keep an eye out for him.

You can see the sign above. It reads

Watch for Morgan.
He likes to run through this door.

Note that the “this” in the message applies to any door, since he’ll take off in any direction.

Morgan is having a rollicking good time at Tabby’s Place and his heart remains stable.
He is truly a wonderful boy, despite his lack of loyalty 🙂