Update for Morgan

Update for Morgan

A few weeks’ ago I was on morning rounds, and it was Morgan’s turn for meds.
Morgan was nowhere to be found, though I had just seen him on a chair 15 minutes earlier.
Morgan is always ready for his meds and takes them without complaint.

Cats are very good at hiding, of course, but Morgan is a very big boy and should be easy to find.
Not so much this time.

I finally found him squeezed behind the file cabinet under the reception counter.
This is, indeed, a favorite hiding place for cats, but I never expected Morgan to be there.

It turned out that Morgan has decided he is no longer willing to behave for his meds.
I suspect that the other cats in the Lobby have been teasing him about being a “goody two shoes” and setting unrealistic expectations for the rest of them.

Mind you, when Morgan is “badly behaved,” he’s not really bad.
He’s just not the model citizen he used to be.
He seems almost embarrassed by his behavior.
But we all know how easy it is to succumb to peer pressure.