Update for Jeremy

Update for Jeremy

Happy April, Dear Sponsors!

Last month’s article left you hanging and for that I do apologize. I wonder if you were holding your breath, as I was, in anticipation of Jeremy’s follow-up echocardiogram appointment, the news of which I dropped on you at the very end of the update. Talk about cliffhangers! And, I am sure Jeremy felt like he was walking on the edge of a cliff throughout his excursion to the vet’s office. His cardiologist is an hour away from our home so this was quite the event for him and required planning in order to make the trip as comfortable as possible:

STEP 1: In consideration of his heart condition and on the recommendation of his cardiologist, I provided Jeremy with an extra dose of one of his medications to help combat the physical responses a stressful event, like the car ride and vet visit, might cause.

STEP 2: After wrangling him and administering his additional meds, into the cat carrier he went with ease. Jeremy is cooperative with everything once you get a hold of the little bugger.

STEP 3: With such a long ride ahead of us, I was sure to provide him with as many creature comforts as possible—soothing music (composed specifically for animals) playing gently on the radio… CHECK; double padding in the cat carrier for extra coziness… CHECK; a snack for the long ride to the vet’s office… CHECK. We were set and on our way.

Shortly after our arrival, we were escorted into a room where I rattled off information about Jeremy for their records then off he went for his much anticipated test. After some time, they brought Jeremy back to the room and I asked the vet tech how he did during the procedure. The response… he was “frozen with fear.” Though fearful, Jeremy easily allowed the doctor and staff to perform their duties and even assisted them at the end by jumping off the table and right into the cat carrier on his own. Then the moment of truth… Jeremy’s cardiologist, Dr. K., came in to talk with me.

I am sure it comes as no surprise that the echocardiogram showed an increase in the size of Jeremy’s heart. UGH! However, due to a comment I made about his exaggerated body movements while breathing, Dr. K. decided to run some chest x-rays as well. So, what did come as a bit of a surprise was that the chest x-rays showed some minor fluid on Jeremy’s lungs. UGH! UGH! Dr. K.’s speculation at this point was that Jeremy could have feline asthma or he could be in the early stages of congenital heart failure.

In an effort to help move the fluid out of Jeremy’s lungs and pinpoint its cause, Dr. K. made two recommendations, the first being an increase in two of his heart medications. This has already been tried and did not seem to facilitate a change. The second recommendation was for a two-week, medicinal protocol for asthma, which Jeremy is currently receiving. While the necessary steps are being taken to find resolution, let me assure you that Jeremy is not in any kind of distress. These exaggerated movements I am witnessing may merely be a byproduct of his heart condition and not treatable above and beyond that which is already being done.

As I leave you with this news, again, I feel the need to apologize for the unresolved plot development, but for now we must wait and see. Otherwise, Jeremy is a very normal kitten in every way. He has a healthy appetite, plays and romps as usual, adores staring out the window at all the activity and receives as much TLC that I can possibly fit into the day. He is a happy kitten, he makes me a happy cat mom and here’s hoping that his stories have brought some happiness to your world, too.

My dear sponsors, Jeremy and I send you each so much love. Your generosity makes it possible to keep this little boy safe, comfortable and happy. For all that you do for him, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!