Update for Jeremy

Update for Jeremy

Hello Jeremy’s sponsors and a very Happy New Year to you all!

The new year finds big changes for our little boy Jeremy. If you have not already heard, Jeremy is now the proud new owner of a foster home… living with me. Let me introduce myself. My name is Susan and it is my honor to provide you with the monthly updates for Jeremy .

When we last left Jeremy, much of his time at Tabby’s Place was spent wedged into a four inch space between a filing cabinet and the wall. Jeremy sightings were like the folklore of the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot; people swore they’d seen him, but no one could provide concrete evidence. Though Jeremy was extremely loved and cared for, by staff and volunteers alike, it was everyone’s sincere hope that a more quiet and stable environment would provide him relief from his chronic isolation (though I have heard that while at Tabby’s Place he did enjoy play dates with his friend, Uncle Tashi).

Jeremy was bid a bon voyage by his Tabby’s Place family as he headed for his new home consisting of me and my cat Michael (also a Tabby’s Place alum). Jeremy was given his own private room to begin his transition to home life, complete with lots of hidey-holes for his retreat. He quickly earned the nickname “Squirmy Wormy” — this little boy just can’t seem to sit still. Even at rest he somehow manages to be in motion. He was a little confused at first by the change of environment but was open to the new experience and quickly wanted out of his room in order to further explore his surroundings.

Once released into the general household, Jeremy was given the biggest room in the house as his main quarters, which he utilizes to its fullest extent. For there is one thing you must understand about Jeremy—this little boy LOVES to play. He is a consummate kitten in every regard. We take it easy during play time, in consideration of his heart condition, but if it was up to Jeremy he would put the Energizer Bunny to shame. He is very curious about his roommate Michael. Michael is battling his own health issues and therefore they are kept separate much of the time. When they do have visitation Jeremy likes to playfully charge at Michael in order to instigate some fun…but that usually ends with playtime being cut short and each cat sent to their respective corners.

Even with getting sent to time out, Jeremy is not short of company these days, as recently he was found to have worms in his stool. Jeremy had worms when he first arrived at Tabby’s Place and, as is the way at the sanctuary, they made sure to promptly treat the condition. Unfortunately, those pesky parasites have a way of hiding out and resurfacing. So, Jeremy is on another course of treatment to alleviate him of his unwanted guests. The Squirmy Wormy is living up to his name in more ways than one.

As Jeremy’s comfort level has increased, his personality has bloomed. There is no more hiding for this little boy. He enjoys sitting on the cat tree and staring out the window, pouncing on toys, pushing jingle balls around and chasing dragonflies (his favorite toy). He plays with running water and finds new and inventive ways to be mischievous and adorable as only a kitten (or a cat for that matter) can do. Then, on special days, he graces me with a snooze on my lap. But I do not get too comfortable because in the flicker of an eye he is off like a flash in search of all that life has to offer.

On behalf of Jeremy, I thank you, dear sponsors, for all of your love and support for this little boy!

Until next month…