Update for Jeremy

Update for Jeremy

Happy March, dear sponsors!

As I sat here looking back on the past month wondering what to write you, I realized that our boy is nine months old! I thought back to when I first brought him home in December and it suddenly hit me just how much he has grown since then. In the day to day thick of things the subtle nuances of growth can get lost. However, when looking back at his early pictures, compared to those of present day, his maturation is undeniable.

In the human realm, with growing maturity come decisions about one’s future aspirations. At nine months old, Jeremy is at that age, in human years, where thoughts of potential career paths are ever present in young minds. That started me and Jeremy thinking about all of his talents and preferences and wondering on what path he might embark. To that end, Jeremy and I have compiled a list of potential career paths suited to his nature.

The first few occupations reside in sporting categories. A likely choice for a young male, athletic-type to be attracted to, especially one as active as Jeremy:

  • A defenseman (in any sport) – Jeremy enjoys chasing after his string toys but even more he enjoys when they chase after him! He loves blocking their every move – just ask his Neko Flies friend, “The Kittenator”, who never seems to make it past Jeremy’s line of defense.
  • A basketball player – With the way Jeremy slam dunks his collapsible tunnel into a flattened state there is no question that he would be a natural at sinking one into the hoop.
  • An Olympic swimmer – Michael Phelps watch out! Jeremy loves to play around in the water. It is a rare day when I do not find the water bowl half-way across the room. His best event… the back stroke, as he loves lying on his back and exposing his belly.

But being the mother hen that I am, I did not want Jeremy to pigeon-hole himself into an athletic career alone, glamorous though it may be. For variety sake, we decided to explore some of his other interests in order to broaden the list:

  • Talk show host – Jeremy loves to chat it up. Put him in the room with Mango or Hawkeye and you will not be able to get a word in edgewise. In fact, Jeremy is dictating this article to me as I type 🙂
  • Dermatologist – Jeremy loves a good facial. Every time the cool mist humidifier begins to run he jumps on the bed and is compelled to stick his face in front of the outgoing steam.
  • Hair Designer – Jeremy takes great pride in his appearance. He has been known to take his paw and direct the cat brush in my hand across his cheek in order to demonstrate the proper technique.
  • Baker – We decided that Jeremy is better suited to being a baker rather than a chef since he is quite the picky eater and would never bring himself to sample a variety of dishes. However, baking would allow him to indulge in many tasty treats and our Jeremy loves his treats! He also enjoys washing those treats down with some cat milk, donning a white beard long after he has finished lapping up his last drops.

Having fun with this brain storming, I got silly and told Jeremy that if he were going to be a superhero for a living he should apply for the position of the Invisible Man. Jeremy and I live on the second floor of a house occupying but three rooms, yet somehow he manages to elude me on a regular basis. I only seem to find him after he sneaks up behind me from the room I just explored and deemed empty.

As you can see, with no other extra feline health issues to deal with this month, Jeremy and I had some time on our hands. We do want to let you know, though, that Jeremy is scheduled for a follow-up echocardiogram in March for which you will receive a full report next month.

Have a great month, dear sponsors, and thank you for your continued support of our boy Jeremy. We both send you our most sincere gratitude.