Update for Jeremiah

Update for Jeremiah

First things first: Jeremiah is completely recovered from his upper respiratory infection, as are the rest of his suite-mates. We’re very pleased to have everyone well in the FIV+ suite.

With the mild but not too hot weather we’ve been having, Jeremiah spends most of his time in his solarium. He’ll sit or lie near the screening for hours at a time, testing the breeze or watching bugs or birds fly past. When he gets tired (and you know how wearying it is for a cat to keep up on everything that’s happening), he’ll snooze right where he is or climb back into his suite to nap in The Basket or on the shelf midway up the ramp.

I suppose most cats can be labelled as opportunists, but Jeremiah has elevated this to something of an art form. His latest trick is to take advantage of suite-mate Jack’s need to explore. It seems that Jack has decided that there’s an exciting world beyond the suite, and he seizes every chance to escape into the corridor when the suite door is opened. It’s important for us to get any FIV+ escapees back into the suite quickly, of course, as we don’t want them accidentally getting into our other suites.

Consequently, when Jack slips out and everyone’s immediate focus turns to catching him, Jeremiah will sometimes make a break for the corridor, too. Fortunately, he’s relatively easy to catch, as he isn’t too fast on his feet. And luckily he’s is good-natured enough not to bite or scratch when you interrupt his plans, although he is quite an armful to pick up!

As always, thanks to you for helping us care for Jeremiah.