Update for Jeremiah

Update for Jeremiah

Jeremiah’s month has been largely uneventful as far as his health goes. We introduced a new suite-mate, Jenny, not long ago, but as is typical with Jeremiah he seems unfazed by the ’new girl in town’. Also, I noticed Jeremiah rough-housing with Gus a couple of weeks ago. I happened to be watching when Gus walked up to Jeremiah and swatted him in the head for no apparent reason. Instead of running away, as some of his suite-mates might have done, Jeremiah decided on a course of self-defense, and he and Gus enthusiastically play-fought for several minutes.

Thank goodness there are people who can take better pictures of cats than I can! You can see that one of our volunteers, Chad, got a couple of great photos of Jeremiah, which is more than I was able to do.

Not long ago, I was in the FIV+ suite to try to get a picture of Jenny for the Petfinder website. But because she was so new, she was too timid to come out of her cat bed. I noticed that Jeremiah was snoozing in his basket in a particularly cute position, so I thought I’d just snap a photo of him for you. My finger was pressing down on the shutter button of the camera when he suddenly woke up, leaped out of the basket, and went over to get some food.

No big deal, I thought; I’ll just wait until he finishes eating. He soon finished, leaped on top of the cubbyholes, and promptly turned his back to me to engage in some grooming. I tried climbing the stepladder in his suite to get into a spot where I could see his face, but the angles proved impossible. When he was finished with his bath, he turned round to face me, and I was sure I’d be able to photograph him—until suite-mate Wanda suddenly appeared and began rubbing against him.

Jeremiah isn’t wild about other cats doing this, but instead of going after her, as some would have done, he merely jumped down and went for another snack. And so it went for some 25 minutes. Every time he was in a good position to have his picture taken, he’d move suddenly or turn his back to the camera or another cat would wander in front of him. Eventually, I gave up and left.

No more than 10 minutes later, I had occasion to walk by the suite again. I peeked in, and Jeremiah was sleeping peacefully in his basket, in a particularly cute position. As I say, I’m very pleased that we have people who are capable of capturing such terrific photos of our felines, but I’d certainly like to know how they manage it! As always, I’m grateful to you for helping us to continue to provide Jeremiah with a safe, clean environment where he can get good food and care.