Update for Fenek

Update for Fenek

A quick snapshot as Fenek prepares to join me at the table.

January Greetings to You, and to All Fenek’s friends!

Starting this month with some news about his health:  Fenek had another blood glucose curve and his daily insulin dose was raised by another unit. At this point, twice a day the staff checks his blood glucose levels before giving insulin. And since more than once his levels came up low, the medical team is running some additional tests to learn more about what’s going on. Stay tuned.

Here he comes, ready or not! One paw on my left knee with the rest soon to follow.

No known connection, but at the beginning of December, Fenek also was diagnosed with otitis on his right ear. Medical staff started him on daily medications that quickly put an end to that infection and inflammation. Thanks to you, Fenek is getting the best of care and is living a much better life than anyone could have dreamed possible a few short months ago.

Back in November, when he was new to the lounge, a cage was set up temporarily to make sure Fenek was separated from the rest of the cats. But when I visited in December, he was on the cage, not in it. When I walked in, our Distinguished Gentleman cat was resting on a blanket spread over the top of it, and I wanted to take a picture of him there. However, while I fiddled with the camera settings, he decided he wanted to be my lap cat immediately, and as we all know, in a case like this, the cat is always right.

Living in the lounge works out well for him, because there are more people passing through, meaning more potential laps. There was an advantage for me, too, because a volunteer who was present handed me a brush, which I used to remove a fistful of loose fur from Fenek’s back. Well-groomed once more, Fenek leaned toward me and gave me a kitty kiss, and even though I was wearing a mask, it’s the thought that counts.

Now he’s where he wants to be, and from the looks of those claws, he won’t be easily dislodged.

After about forty-five minutes on my lap, Fenek climbed down to take several sips of water and I moved on to other rooms to spend time with more cats. Still, before heading for home I came back for another half-hour with Fenek. The time just flies by with such good company.

Before I go, since the last time I wrote, a stone wall has been put in place around Quinn’s Corner. Workmen took advantage of unseasonably warm temperatures and dry conditions to get more work done than expected in 2021. That will likely be as far as they get for a few months, due to expected winter weather and other unavoidable consequences of the real world. The target is to have construction completed this summer.

It probably wouldn’t be hard to find workmen for this next job location, but what this distillery wanted was a working cat.

Stay safe! Until next month, wishing you all good things,

Your correspondent,