Update for Fenek

Update for Fenek

February Greetings to You, and to All Fenek’s Friends!

It’s been another good month for our favorite Distinguished Gentleman cat. The only thing observed in the past few weeks was that one of his eyes was reported to be (using the technical term) “goopy,” and even that cleared up by itself. A person could almost forget the physical crises he has undergone, but during a recent visit, I saw the packet of medications that are needed to help keep him stable. There was an antibiotic, an anti-nausea pill, plus heart meds and insulin; multiple bottles and tubes, all of it necessary, and all of it thanks to you and your support.

As far as his behavior goes, I keep hearing things I find hard to believe, based on my experience with Fenek. Someone says there’s been an incident of inappropriate urination, another says he had a scuffle with another cat. Fenek, really? Not a chance, especially when he looks into my eyes so sincerely that I can just hear him say, “Would I lie to you?” (Or maybe it’s more like “Are you calling me a liar?”)

And I bet I’m not alone in that sentiment. When visitors arrive, he usually gets up to greet them, and in the lounge, there are often visitors, so it’s kind of like he’s the Mayor of the lounge. Although recently he’s been sharing that attention with newcomer Lynette, who also loves people and their petting. She’s had a good deal of her fur shaved, and to keep warm she’s attired in a kitty hoodie, which makes her look even more adorable.

Which reminds me, did you hear about a group of Ohio high schoolers who had the idea of developing a space suit for cats? I don’t know about outer space, but some cats could use a suit just for going outside in the winter, like these who probably wished they were a puss in snow boots.

Getting back to Fenek… I must admit I do have one thing to report about his behavior. One day, I was running late, so instead of having lunch at home I picked up some fast food along the way and took it inside Tabby’s Place to eat. I set it on the table and opened the container, but before I could take a bite, Fenek approached and hopped onto my lap.

Well now, that changes things completely. How can I think of eating when there is such a good cat right there for petting? Except, he didn’t settle down for petting. Instead, he put his front paws on the table and stuck his nose in my food. “Is this good stuff? Is this for me?”

I pushed it away from him, at which point (as the saying goes) “his huff arrived and he left in it.”  Sorry fella, I don’t eat your fish mush and you don’t eat cheesesteaks!

Until next month, wishing you all good things!

Your Correspondent,