Update for Fenek

Update for Fenek

Photo of Fenek and me by Lisa R. It’s getting late, but he and I are both enjoying the moment.

Happy 2023, and January Greetings to You, and to All Fenek’s Friends!

It’s starting out as a year of big changes at Tabby’s Place. Room by room, Quinn’s Corner is opening. The human staff has relocated to the new building and a few cats have gone with them. In addition, former lounge cat Baby now lives in the Hospital (Medical Center) area, while a newcomer, long-haired calico Lynette, has brought the number of lady cats in the lounge up to three, along with Rashida and Samantha.

As for Fenek, it’s been a good month and a good start to the year. There’s nothing new to report and nothing remarkable in any of his ongoing health issues. It shows in his behavior; for a few months after his diagnosis of heart disease, I could tell he was weaker and uncomfortable. But recently, he has shown the same kind of affectionate lap-cat spirit I fell in love with at first sight in late summer 2021.

On top of Lynette’s temporary area, and on his way down from it.









For instance, on one recent visit, I got a good look in his eyes as he prepared to jump from the floor to the table next to me. He crouched, tensing his powerful leg muscles for the upcoming leap, and for a split second just before takeoff, his eyes narrowed, giving him a predatory look of confidence and focus. His ancestors must have looked like that thousands of years ago, just before pouncing on their prey.

Looking every inch the Distinguished Gentleman cat.

It’s a behavior I wish I could also catch in the form of a photo. Try as I might, I am always a bit too slow to capture that moment. This is the best I could do, but you can be sure I will keep trying.

Professional animal photographers use an assistant to get their subject’s attention while they concentrate on the camera settings. In this image of Willow, the White House cat, it looks to me as though there are, in addition to the photographer, a couple of other shapes in the reflection of the large gold Christmas ornament.  They all certainly helped her look her best.

While I don’t have personal staff, recently I was able to use available personnel for this particular image at left. Just as I began to focus on Fenek, the lounge door opened.  As the person entered the room, his gaze followed her, and that put him in the perfect position for me.

Thinking about people whose job it is to wrangle cats reminded me of this award-winning little film from the year 2000.  It’s still good for a smile decades later.

Before I go, here’s a case of credit where it’s due: An English couple who had been on the edge of destitution credited their million-pound lottery win to Billy, the lucky black cat they rescued. Here’s hoping your caring support for our little American black cat will translate into a prosperous and happy new year for you and yours.

Wishing you all good things,
Your correspondent,