Update for Colleen

Update for Colleen

Dear Supporters of Colleen,

As you know, Colleen is the love of my life. Lately, when I’ve wandered into the Community Room to pay the green-eyed beauty a visit, all has been well. Colleen’s been stretched out on the couch, in the sunshine, her coat warm and usually on fire, her eyes partially closed in that catnap pose.

This is quite surprising, considering that the other cats who share the room with her could be a problem if Colleen were the least bit intolerable. But she isn’t. This is especially fortunate given the recent arrival of Maggie, who has a bit of a reputation for not always playing nice with other cats. There was potential for trouble, but the two girls are getting along rather nicely.

In fact, Colleen, Maggie and a slew of other cats — Peachy and Bonnie and Benny (a kitten…and you know what to expect from a kitten in terms of behavior) — can be found napping quite contentedly, “mere millimeters apart,” according to eyewitness accounts, on that infamous couch near the window.

Is it the sun with its magical sunshine? Or is Colleen just one of those girls whose goodwill spreads to others?

I second Tabby’s Place staff member Angela when she writes, “It is a wonder to behold!”

Of course, it’s no wonder to me that other cats would find Colleen charming. As soon as I arrive and sit down next to her on the couch, she is eager for attention. At times, she climbs into my lap or cuddles when I pick her up and hold like a baby in my arms. She loves the attention and affection I lavish on her.

On the medical front, Colleen is doing well. Yeah! Her upper respiratory infection is getting better, as she has had only a slight bit of nasal discharge this month. Her antibiotics are being continued for now, but the good folks at Tabby’s Place will recheck her medical condition in the near future.

As always, thanks for your continued generous support. Keep your fingers crossed that spring comes soon.