Update for Casper

Update for Casper

My dear Sponsors,

I hope that you are doing well during these cold February days. As for me, I am simply glowing. It was almost exactly a year ago that I was brought to Tabby’s Place, and I have been thinking back, with gratitude and a bit of wonder, at all that has happened in such a short time.

Only one year ago, I was in the cold outside, suffering from a sudden disability…and then my best friends, two very kind souls, rescued me. They lifted me in their arms and brought me to Tabby’s Place, where I was given good food and kept warm. A nice doctor examined me, and said that she and everyone here would do everything they could to help me. However, back then, it didn’t look good. My condition was so grave, the doctor was not sure that I would survive for long.

But, with the love, care, and support of you my loving sponsors, and everyone at Tabby’s Place…here I am! Bright-eyed and active, savoring every moment of food, sleep, and petting, that’s me! I just can’t believe how lucky I am.

We also have had some good news about my lobby-mate and friend Morgan. He just had another ultrasound as part of his cardiac recheck, and the doctor said his condition is stable! Another of my lobby companions, Peachy, has just gotten over a urinary tract infection, and has been spending time in the sun with my friend Mario. Is love in the air?

This February update is my Valentine to all of my friends, human and feline, who have cared for me and kept me company, who have caressed me and believed in me. At the same time, I would like to send a special Valentine to my angel rescuers. Not only did they bring me to Tabby’s Place, but they have never left me. They visit me every week. I am so familiar with their loving presence, and I always lift my head in anticipation of their love. They fuss over me and pet me, and they bring me special, heavenly food, which they feed me, by hand, from a beautiful silver spoon. I am truly royalty in the kingdom of their love. And did I mention the treats? Yes, they also bring rare and wonderful treats, which we sometimes share with all my lobby-mates. There is always enough to go around!

Now, in honor of my first year anniversary at Tabby’s Place, my guardian angel rescuers threw me a re-birthday party on February 15. I trust that you received the invitation…and I thank you if you were able to attend, or if you were with us in spirit. Next month, I will report on all the festivities.

I am so very grateful to you, dear sponsors, for all your support. In these chilly months, and throughout the year, you keep me toasty with your love.