Update for Casper

Update for Casper

Hello my dearest friends,

I wish that I didn’t have to worry you, but it has not been a very good month health-wise for me. The folks at Tabby’s Place tell me that my kidneys are failing and that my renal values are horrible. They are monitoring me day by day with much love and compassion. They have adjusted my medication, and continued giving me subcutaneous fluids and stool softeners to keep me comfortable.

Yes, this is very sad news. But I am comforted by knowing how lucky I am. When I was first brought to this wonderful place, no one thought that this year would become the best year of my life, with so many human and non-human animal friends. I have never known so much joy, love, fun, and excitement.

If you can stop by for a visit, that would mean the world to me. But if not, just send me loving, healing thoughts, and I know that I will receive them. I have never felt alone thanks to Tabby’s Place, my guardian angels Barb and Tom, and, of course, YOU, my adoring sponsors. You have followed my story each month, loving me and supporting my care. And oh, how I love each of you, every day.

I will savor my remaining days (and who knows…hopefully weeks or months) surrounded by the sweetness of all the beings that I have met in my life. I will stay around as long as I am able. After all, I am a miracle.

I hope that the summer will be a time of great peace for all of you. Enjoy each and every day.

Yours forever,