Update for Casper

Update for Casper

Happy New Year, my sweet sponsors!

I hope that you are well and staying warm.

I have been a very thirsty boy lately, so the folks at Tabby’s Place wanted to see what was going on with me. They were concerned that my blood glucose (BG) might have become elevated again. As it turns out, my BG is fine, but I am in early to mid-stage of renal disease. I am currently being treated for this condition with subcutaneous fluids, and there is no need to worry about my returning to insulin at the moment. I did lose a little weight, so my friends will monitor me closely to make sure that this is not a trend.

I had a wonderful holiday time with all my friends in the lobby. There were so many visitors coming and going. Morgan and I welcomed and charmed each human who visited the sanctuary. During this month, the lovely people at Tabby’s Place offered a holiday special on adoptions. As you can see, I discovered the perfect place to take a nap…you never know who might walk by!

My friend Blanche, whom I mentioned last month, seems to me to be feeling better, and she is really blossoming in the lobby. I don’t know exactly what it is about the Tabby’s Place lobby, but it is a very healing space. She is running around and seems very happy.

The best part of the holiday time was when my guardian angel rescuers arrived with special gifts for me and all my animal friends. They even brought wonderful gifts for my correspondents and their kitties. Everyone agrees that my guardian angel rescuers are the kindest people ever! I am so glad that they brought me to Tabby’s Place, and that they could get to know all the many animals and people who are involved at the Sanctuary.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I did…to continue to be a grateful, loving and playful boy, enjoying life every moment.

Thank you for supporting me, so that I may live at Tabby’s Place. I hope that you can stop in for a visit to the magical lobby, and I will introduce you to all my friends.

Love ya,