Update for Casper

Update for Casper

My dear sponsors,

I hope that this update finds you doing well, and that you were able to survive the cold, snowy, and icy winter weather. I also hope that some of you were able to attend the best event ever, my “Re-Birthday Party,” which was held at Tabby’s Place on February 15. It was a great pleasure and honor to meet many of my sponsors, and to celebrate my special day with everyone at Tabby’s Place.

Among the feline celebrities in attendance were my friends Maggie, Colleen, Boots, Tinkerbell, Psi, Halie, Morgan, Mario, Peachy…and did I see Olaf at the window looking in? (I hope that I haven’t forgotten anyone, but I may have. There was quite a crowd.)

My angel rescuers created a spectacular day for me, and I will never forget it as long as I live! There were homemade goodies for the humans, with my picture gracing the front of each treat. I chowed down on a special birthday cake molded from Fancy Feast with cat treats for icing, and there were dainty and delicious hors d’oeuvres for all the cats in attendance…and, of course, leftovers for the cats who couldn’t attend. (If their diets permitted it!)

I cannot imagine all the time it took to make all of the beautiful things. I want to send a special “shout out” and xoxoxoxox to Barb and Tom, who are creative, talented and oh so generous. Many people brought gifts and food for me to share with the special cats at Tabby’s Place. My favorite part of the afternoon (besides eating that homemade kitty birthday cat…can I have the recipe?) was when everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. There was so much love in the room.

This past year has been the best one of my entire life. I want to thank you for your very important part in supporting me at Tabby’s Place, so that I am able to get excellent medical care and lots and lots of attention from staff, volunteers, and the other lobby cats. It was said that, in my earlier years on the street, I was not really a “cat’s cat,” but I have come to accept them as my friends.

I am happy to report that my health remains stable this month, with just a teeny bit of weight loss and one episode of constipation. My blood glucose levels remain in the normal, non-diabetic range.

Well, that’s all from me for now. I hope that you will visit me and my friends soon. But don’t worry about bringing gifts…you have already given me the greatest gift of them all.

Your friend,