Update for Casper

Update for Casper

Hello my dear sponsors,

I want to welcome you to my life and to the cat sanctuary, Tabby’s Place. Each cat has a story to tell, and I am so excited to have my very own sponsors to correspond with each month. You will be hearing from me each month (with the help of my assistants, Sandi and Don), with a few pictures and an update on me.

As you already may have read, I had quite a challenging time this past year, and my story has made it to the Tabby’s Place blog. What you might not know is that, while I began my life at the sanctuary lying down, I am now able to stand up and walk across the lobby.

Sometimes I plop down in front of our Executive Director’s office, so that he knows that I am doing better. He shares his office with two remarkable FIV+ cats, Hobbes and Doc Watson. They are in Jonathan’s office because of their special needs, but I am fortunate to have the whole lobby at my disposal. I especially enjoy lounging under the reception desk.

There are many cats who share the lobby with me, but I haven’t gotten to know them yet. I will keep you posted on any new friendships that may develop. I do have many human friends who work and volunteer at Tabby’s Place. They seem to really love me. They talk to me in very sweet voices, pet me, and keep me company.

I am currently getting a steroid injection to help me feel more comfortable, as well as to continue to do miraculous things…like walk.

So if you are ever in the neighborhood, don’t be shy…stop in for a visit. Visiting Tabby’s Place is great fun if you like cats, since each one of the 100+ cats has their own very interesting story. We would not be able to be here if it were not for the remarkable generosity of people like you.

Thank you again for being my sponsor.

Until next month,