Update for Casper

Update for Casper

Hello my dear sponsors,

I hope that you are enjoying the wonderful days of autumn. I am feeling really well, and guess what…my blood glucose levels have been so good that I no longer require any insulin! My health issues are a real mystery, but I do believe that the love I receive from the staff, volunteers, my guardian angel rescuers, and my feline buddies has helped me heal.

I am so busy exploring the lobby with my new-found energy. And, can you believe it, my poop is the envy of all the cats at Tabby’s Place. The sanctuary’s Founder and Executive Director, Jonathan, proclaimed this month that my poop was the best (and he’s seen a lot of poop in his day!).

While I was hanging out in the lobby, I saw a photo of a cat that reminded me of me. Maybe we are related. See for yourself below left. Our markings are a bit different, but there is a strong resemblance, don’t you think? Her name is Chrissy (now known as Chrissy Lou) and she was adopted from Tabby’s Place in April. As it turns out, she lives with my correspondents and their many cats. Maybe she will return for a visit, and we can have a nice chat.

Yes, this is the month for us to pause and give thanks, and I have been reflecting on all the many things that have happened this year. Though I have had some major difficulties, it is nothing compared to the compassion, love, and kindness that I have experienced, for which I am extremely grateful.

Thank you, dear sponsors, for making all this possible for me.