Update for Casper

Update for Casper

My dear sponsors,

Spring is in the air, finally, and I hope that you are all well and happy.

I have had a somewhat challenging month, as my renal disease seems to be getting worse. There is a new medicine that Dr. C. is now giving me to slow the progression of this disease. I receive the best medical care here, for which I am so appreciative. This, and your love and support, makes miracles happen!

Through it all, I remain myself: active, curious, and loving, enjoying my food and my friends.

If you have ever been to the lobby of Tabby’s Place, you may have noticed a plastic castle. During the last year, a beautiful black and white cat named Divya, who came to Tabby’s Place under very difficult circumstances, has made this castle her permanent abode. Rarely would I ever see her venture beyond its walls.

However, a few weeks ago, as I sat in my bed, I noticed a strange and wonderful sight: Divya, emerging from her castle, taking a stroll around the lobby! Then, on Easter Sunday, she sat on the sofa with my correspondents, purring and chatting. She seems to be healing from her ordeal, and ready to open her heart again.

This is just one example of the amazing transformations that occur at Tabby’s Place. I hope you will visit all of us here if you can, and see for yourself what your support makes possible.

Love, Casper