Update for Boots

Update for Boots

Greetings, my fair friends!

Are you as thrilled as I am that we are finally at summer’s doorstep? Sunshine, long days, more kids to visit me when school’s out? Awesome. I’ve been trying to play it cool, napping and lap-loving as much as usual, but I’m all party on the inside!

The solstice has long been the occasion for revelry, and I just see that it’s my duty to uphold ancient traditions. This year, we cats decided to celebrate old-school, with a Middle Ages themed celebration. Jousting, cats in suits of armor – what could be more fun? We’ve been working really hard on the music, too – singing in Middle Cattish is not the easiest thing to do. Our favorite song is the oldest English song ever (well, at least we let the English-speakers think it’s their oldest song, but we all know who really wrote it…)

Dinner is icumen in

Dinner is icumen in
Lhude sing, miummiu!
The tumme is growlen
And tongue is lappen,
The meate is cumen into teeth now,
Sing, miummiu!

Olive, purren after lambe,
Dingo mrowlen after beefe;
Good Boots chewes,
Someoon burpes,

Merre sing, miummiu!
Chucchu, miummiu,
Wel sing you, miummiu,
Nauer halten now.

Sing, miummiu, now; nosh, chucchu;
Sing, miummiu; sing, miummiu, miaow!

Blest be alle ye fair sponsors! (And love and head bonks, too!)

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