Update for Boots

Update for Boots

Hello, my dearest friends!

I have a handful of little bits of news for you this month. For one thing, I’m quite healthy, with a wonderful heart — but, of course, that’s no surprise to you. Late-winter case of the sniffles aside, I had a cardiac ultrasound this month, which showed, yet again, that my heart (my wonderful heart) is stable. Some of the people here think it’s too bad that they ever found any evidence of my heart disease, since it makes some people leery of adopting me. I say it’s good, because it means that I get to know and love so many people in my role as Best Lobby Cat. And of course, I get to know and love you, too!

In other, slightly more existentially-tinged news, Boots arrived at Tabby’s Place just a few short days ago.

Wait, what?

No, no, not me, a kitten named Boots, a (naturally) handsome little fellow who had been fostered by a Tabby’s Place volunteer. He was promptly renamed David, so there will be no confusion. I am still your one and only true Boots.

And in the less-lovely news department, the nascent spring season got squashed by a storm named Stella. Those lovely bulbs that were about to burst into flower? Buried in snow. The gentle breezes kissing your cheek? Howling northeast winds. The ever-stronger sun leaving warm splotches for cats to nap in? Replaced by cold, clear skies. It’s enough to make this kitty, well, break into song. Luckily, my country star friend Faith Hill helped me with this paean to the missing season…

“Where Are You Springtime”

Where are you springtime
Why can’t we find you
Why have you gone away
Where is the sunshine
That used to warm us
Last month had such nice days

My world has chang-ed
New Boots (now David)
Can’t that mean springtime gets here, too

Where are you springtime
Do you remember
You’re s’posed to chase our ills
Please, no more sniffles
These temps so fickle
Those poor cold daffodils.

Springtime is near
Everywhere, oh
Springtime is near
In the air, oh

If there is love in your heart and your mind
You will feel so spring-y all the time

Is that you springtime
Out past the snow banks
You can’t keep hiding
We need you springtime…
Enough with snow storms
We’re done with ice and muck!

Where are you springtime
We cats need sunshine…

Cross your paws that my song will do the trick! We really do need a little more green on the grass and trees, and soon. And I don’t think watering them with St. Patrick’s best green beer is the answer, either.

Much love and warm (weather) wishes to you!
Your Boots