Update for Boots

Update for Boots

Hello, my dearest ones!

I hope you are having a good February. I love winter – it is, after all, prime snuggling season – but I am starting to get antsy for warmer weather by now. Luckily, this month has given me some good distractions to keep me occupied.

For one thing, I’m due this month for my annual physical exam and vaccinations. That’s not really a big deal, but it will be a chance for me to get a change in scenery and hang out in the vet room for a bit.

More exciting is a new program Tabby’s Place is running called Paws to Read. A whole bunch of kids have been coming in to read to me and my friends, and as you might have guessed, I love the attention. Even if a child isn’t reading to me, their parents stop to say hello. It’s making for some marvelous Saturdays for me. I’ve got more offers of laps than I know what to do with!

We also just celebrated Valentine’s Day, and I got to thinking…maybe you’d like to read to your kitties at home, just like the kids that have been coming here. Or you could come read to me, too! (Just remember to plan for lap time if you stop by the lobby.) In honor of the loving holiday, I wrote a poem for you to share with your favorite cats, all about the nature of love.

Love and Friendship
By Boots Rosenberg

Love is like the darting mousie,
Friendship like the kitty treats –
The treats stay put while the mouse does run
But which can I eat most constantly?

The wild mousie is fun to chase,
Its zigs and zags my senses tease;
Yet wait – then it zips into a hole…
So where is the snack that’s for me?

Then scorn the silly mousie now
And deck me with the treats so keen,
That when from hunger my tummy growls
I’ll yet have some nibbles to glean.

You know I love you, too, don’t you? Even more than kitty treats (and that’s saying something!) Hugs, kisses, and head bonks to you!

Your Boots