Update for Boots

Update for Boots

Greetings to Boots’ sponsors,

Whew! It’s such a hot summer here in New Jersey – perhaps the hottest summer in years. But lucky Boots is blissfully unaware of the weather, as he lives in the air-conditioned Lobby at Tabby’s Place.

When I stopped in today to visit with him, handsome Boots was feeling quite sociable. He sat on a chair and allowed me to chat him up and pet him for quite a while, especially around his ears! I was pleased with such progress in our friendship, which had gotten off to such a slow start!

This month Boots had his first follow-up cardiac ultrasound since his diagnosis with heart disease. Although his disease has progressed a small amount, there is no need to increase his medication yet. Our veterinarian feels that Boots doesn’t need a higher dose unless he begins to have breathing problems.

Once we have our in-house X-ray machine up and running, we plan to do chest radiographs on our boy. (Speaking of that X-ray machine, we are presently waiting on the electric company to schedule a date to work with us. It’s apparently a rather complicated process to set up an X-ray machine, with a cast of thousands involved. OK, not literally thousands.)

Earlier this month, Boots briefly had an upper respiratory infection, from which he recovered easily with antibiotics.

I heard that Boots seems to have decreased the number and frequency of beatdowns he gives his neighbors…although, in the interest of full disclosure, he had just “gotten into it” with three other cats, including Chance and Jenny, that very morning. Prozac is a help, but it’s not a miracle. 😉

The Tabby’s Place apartment is awash in kittens these days – adorable, zany balls of fur who climb all over you if you sit down on the floor. They attack your shoelaces and take running jumps at your pants leg. It’s delightful fun! Such healthy, happy little guys will be adopted in no time, but I do love spending a few minutes with them before they fly out the door of Tabby’s Place to their adoptive homes.

Once again, thank you for all you do to help provide Boots and the other beautiful kitties with the best of care while they wait for homes of their own. Boots and Tabby’s Place are so lucky to have supporters like you!