Update for Boots

Update for Boots

Hello, wonderful sponsors of Boots!

I had a lovely visit with our boy the other night. When I arrived, he was sitting on a chair, had just finished his dinner and was having a little bath. Yes, he was awake!

I gave him a rub. Boots then jumped down and proceeded to gulp down two other cats’ dinners. Loss of appetite is not a problem with our Boots, apparently. I could not help but notice how shiny and silky his coat is – he looks for all the world like the picture of health. Boots then strolled over to the inside door mat and gazed with great interest and a swishing tail at some leaves blowing around outside the front door.

I’m told Boots was not so calm the other day, however, when some holiday items were delivered and put out for display at the Tabby’s Place store (located in the lobby). Apparently some new catnip toys were unpacked, and the catnip must have been very fresh because Boots was overcome by it and got really, really frisky around the new items.

It had been so long since Boots’s last beat-down of another cat that the staff wondered if Bootsie’s brawling days were done. Alas, the wondering is over: Boots was just waiting for an appropriate target and he seems to have found her in tiny, chatty lobby-newcomer, Oksana.

More than once, the staff has had to separate the pair. We might hope that Boots would have empathy for a fellow Special Needs cat (Oksana has a rare tracheal stricture), but alas, no.

All in all, Boots is enjoying a peaceful and happy month (Oksana incidents aside) thanks to your generous support.

At this special time of year we give a giant thanks to our special sponsors of this little wonder.