Update for Bandit

Update for Bandit

Greetings, Bandit buddies,

Angela here, Tabby’s Place Development Associate. Since you are dear friends to Bandit, we wanted to let you know some recent news about this little guy.

As Amy mentioned in her magnificent New Year’s poem on Bandit, Bandit had been worrying us by not eating very well back in December. He seemed to rally soon afterwards, though, and his weight remained stable, so we felt much better about his well-being.

Unfortunately, Bandit once again began refusing to eat, and this time also began vomiting and having diarrhea. Steph, our extremely intuitive veterinary technician, had sensed all along that there was “something else going on” with Bandit, and so we sent him to the emergency vet for further testing.

An ultrasound revealed thickening in Bandit’s intestine, which meant either inflammatory bowel disease (which afflicts several Tabby’s Place cats, including Mittens and Anastasia) or lymphoma (with which Lily and Pepper are also affected). To determine the exact cause and best course of treatment for Bandit’s woes, we conducted a biopsy.

It’s now clear that Bandit has lymphoma. We’ll soon begin treating him with a course of chemotherapy, similar to the regimen with which we treat Lilly. Chemo can be extremely helpful in improving and extending a cat’s life, and we’re very hopeful that dear Bandit will tolerate it well, as Lilly has done. If, however, his complete blood count suffers or his vomiting and diarrhea worsen, we’ll know it’s best for Bandit to discontinue the chemo. Lymphoma is a terminal condition, but we will do everything in our power to make the rest of Bandit’s life as joyful, healthy and long as possible.

We’re all very sad about this latest news for Bandit. In his relatively short time at Tabby’s Place, he has stolen many hearts with his gentle, affectionate ways. We are truly grateful for the honor of loving him and caring for him, and will continue to do so. For now, he is happy to be back “home” in Adoption Room #3 with his best buds Sneakers and Onyx. Thanks to the dedication of the Tabby’s Place team, the wonders of modern veterinary medicine and the generous support of Bandit’s friends like you, there is great hope that the rest of Bandit’s life will be as love-filled and well cared-for as every day up until now.

Please keep sweet Bandit in your thoughts and prayers, and do come by to visit him if you’re in the area. He is a loving boy and greatly enjoys special visits.