Update for Bandit

Update for Bandit

Twas the month around Christmas, when in the Place of Tabby
A kitty named Bandit was feeling none too shabby.*

Bandit and friend Sneakers were nestled in bed,
While visions of tuna fish danced in their heads.

(In one bed, these two? How could that be?
For Sneakers, a large cat, took enough space for three.)

A noise by the door; the handle went “click.”
Bandit awoke; thought, “Could it be…St. Nick?”

No Santa this, but Bandit wasn’t despondent
For he was to meet me, his new correspondent.

Let the truth now be told: we did not meet right away.
For Onyx, his roommate, was quite in the way.

Loving and friendly and demanding to cuddle,
Onyx, in my lap, was a purring black puddle.

I said hello to these three, Caesar, and Francis, and it
Was a while before I could pet the curious Bandit.

(He’d let Onyx go first, holding no grudge;
But then jumped up behind me to give a head nudge.)

We spent the day playing with toys and a ball.
Bandit would chase them, and race from wall to wall.

Like a prizefighter throwing uppercuts in the ring,
Bandit swatted a stuffed mouse that dangled by a string.

With all the activity, this black-and-white boy
Occasionally mistook Onyx’s tail for a toy.

Any noise in the hall, and Bandit would pause;
On the lookout for people and, perhaps, Santa Claus?

The next time I visited him, what did I see
But Bandit had been moved to Adoption Room 3!

With a window onto the street and the cars whizzing past,
The sunlight and the view were truly unsurpassed.

(Not to mention its spaciousness, and how this enhances
The lives of its residents: those three pals and Francis.)

Sneakers and Bandit were asleep on the chair;
Bandit greeted me while Sneakers dozed, unaware.

I’d brought a new toy: a stick attached to feathers.
Bandit and Onyx chased it wildly, together.

Sweet Francis reached a paw out, Sneakers gave a snore;
But Bandit was fearless, running all over the floor.

He’d stop it with his paw, and trap it with his weight,
Then look proudly at his catch, then at me, then wait.

And soon it came time for another cat nap.
Bandit jumped next to Sneakers; Onyx in my lap.

But wait, what of old Santa? Did he ever appear,
Bringing gifts for dear Bandit, good tidings and cheer?

It’s clear this cat must’ve been a good boy indeed;
To recount this season’s blessings, let me now proceed:

He’s settled in his new room, with his favorite buddy Sneaks,
Where he received a great many house calls over these past few weeks.

Bandit’s recent weight loss and his appetite depleting
Are no longer a concern; he’s done lots of holiday eating!

Then there’s the love his friends and visitors provide;
Remember, this lucky guy’s got a
Guardian Angel
by his side.

Finally, his
Special Needs Sponsorship
: such a heartfelt gift to give,
To know Bandit will be cared for as long as he shall live.

So to his new sponsors, let me welcome you aboard!
Your generosity toward Bandit must make him feel adored.

New year, new sponsors, new correspondent — what a time of firsts!
(And let me reassure you, the updates will no more be in verse.)

Now I’ll end this letter with a wish most sincere:
Happy new year to all, and to all a great year!

*Early chronic renal failure was indicated in recent tests;
However, his prognosis may not be as dire as that suggests.
Though Bandit is pre-renal, so are many cats his age,
In most the condition never progresses past this pre-renal stage.