Update for Bacon

Update for Bacon

Hello dear Bacon sponsors,

As of this update, I have been Bacon’s correspondent for six months.  I sincerely hope that my glimpses into Bacon’s world have brought a smile to your face and that they continue to do so.  I was thinking today about how wonderful it is that I’ve gotten to know Bacon since taking over as his press agent—I didn’t know him before then, and I don’t know that I would have.

When I started volunteering at Tabby’s Place, Bacon resided in a small adoption room (that is now an office) with a few other senior cats.  A sign on the door warned against any loud or sudden movements due to Bacon’s seizures, and that intimidated me.  I never went into that room.  When it was converted, I met the other residents as they moved into new suites, but I was still wary of Bacon.

I knew his story.  That he had come in with terrible, crate-shaking seizures that would disturb his sleep, and how it had taken years to finally find just the right treatment to give him relative peace.  And I worried that I would do something wrong and set him off somehow.  So I kept my distance.

Now, six months on, I seek Bacon out.  And he knows me as a new friend.  At dinner time, you can see him staring intently out of his crate as though trying to will his dinner—and by extension his run of the office—into existence.  Once he’s free, he jaunts around, greeting Sally and chirping at anyone who might be in the room or pass by.  He’s doing really great these days, and he and Sally have adjusted well to their time-shared office routine. 

And to think I could have missed out!  I could have gone along, never knowing about the weird, quirky little cat with the big emerald eyes who will eat treats out of your hand, but prefers to pet himself by rubbing oh-so-gently against you, thank you very much.

It’s strange, too, because I have no compunction about befriending the angriest, chompiest, most temperamental of cats.  (I even adopted a notorious biter and continue to write about him for the main Tabby’s Place blog.) I can handle a cat beating me up.  But a cat being made uncomfortable because of my presence is too much to bear.

Luckily, I’m coming to understand Bacon’s quirks, and he’s been very patient with me.  And now, after half a year, I’m very grateful for the opportunity that once made me so nervous.  It’s a joy to see Bacon feeling so good and trotting around, and to be able to share his journey with all of his kind sponsors.  Even Sally is starting to like me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these updates as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  And I hope that I can continue bringing you news of Bacon for a very long time!

Your correspondent,