Update for Arlo

Update for Arlo

Wonderful news, Arlo fans! He’s been adopted!

The daughter of one of our volunteers had come in about a month ago to look around (as she lives a four-hour drive away, she doesn’t get to Tabby’s Place often). She had met Arlo and had really liked him, but she wanted her fiance to meet him, as well. After some weeks, the two of them were able to return. Almost as soon as her fiance was introduced to Arlo, we had a hunch this story would have a happy ending, and that turned out to be the case.

Arlo went home last weekend and he’s settling in beautifully. He has been exploring everything; we’re told he’s especially fascinated by the faucets in the bathroom and enjoys napping on the carpeted staircase.

I’ll miss our sweet boy very much, but I know finding a loving home where he’s the only cat was the best possible outcome for him. Thanks so much for your help in taking care of Arlo!

As per our policy, we have transferred your monthly sponsorship to our Special Needs Fund, which helps support all of our Special Needs cats. As a supporter of the Special Needs Fund, you will receive a monthly update on a different Special Needs cat each month.

However, you may choose to do one of the following:

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We do hope that you decide to continue supporting our cats in need. But, whatever you do, thank you for caring about Arlo.