Update for Alex

Update for Alex

I visited Alex today for the first time in almost a month (I had taken a long Christmas holiday out of state.) Two things made me very happy: first, Alex has gained weight and his fur looks healthier. Then, the bond between Alex and me (which became apparent the last time I met with him)hasn’t been weakened by my absence: he remembered me, and he spent a lot of time sitting on my lap. Apparently he doesn’t like to sit in laps generally. He still had his ravenous appetite.

However, problems remain. He needs to keep up his weight gain. And, he’s been passing bloody stools recently, so he is scheduled to see a feline internist, who may want to perform an endoscopy on him, if he thinks Alex can withstand anesthesia.

With the recent cold snap, there has been some trouble with keeping the Suites as warm as the staff would like.
For most of the cats, this is not a problem, but they were worried about two of the FIV+ cats: Alex and Floyd, because they so little body fat.
So, Alex and Floyd are currently housed in one of the Adoption Rooms, which are nice and toasty.

Alex tends to dominate Floyd when feeding time comes: he eyes Floyd cautiously when both eat their wet food, then he does his best to swipe some of Floyd’s. He usually succeeds. I had to sit between them to keep each at his own bowl.

So I’ll be back to visit Alex soon, in a week or so. Meanwhile, I’l pleased at how well the little grey stripey guy with the big whiny mouth is doing.