Update for Alex

Update for Alex

I am thrilled to report that we have eradicated the ringworm infection from the FIV Suite.
This is wonderful news, as we no longer have to subject the cats to uncomfortable dips in a lime-sulphur solution.
In addition, we have lifted the strict visitation restrictions in the suite, so that we can now spend quality time with the cats.

We were, thus, able to have Alex’s follow-up cardiac ultrasound done in October.
We were very happy when the report showed that Alex’s heart disease had not progressed and that we could continue his current medication, unchanged.

Despite the good report from the cardiologist, we were still concerned about Alex, as he continued to lose weight in the last few months.
This, of course, made us begin to worry that something else was going on, causing his weight loss.
So, we decided to do two things.
We started by having Alex’s blood pressure checked.
Happily, it was normal.
We then had an abdominal ultrasound performed, as we were concerned about the possibility of cancer, or other serious diseases that could explain the weight loss.

For once, Alex’s luck continued and the ultrasound showed that nothing distressing was going on inside him.
This was a big relief.
Based on these findings, we surmised that Alex was simply not eating enough, since he only eats wet food and was being fed separately twice per day.

We have instituted a new procedure for feeding Alex in hopes of helping him gain some weight.
Alex is now fed a full can of prescription food (for his skin condition) three times per day!
So far, he has happily gobbled up all three cans, so we are hopeful that we are on the right track.