Update for Alex

Update for Alex

Unfortunately, the ringworm infection I mentioned last month did make it the FIV Suite.
This meant that all of the cats in this suite has to be treated with a combination of dips and oral medication.

As you may recall from an earlier update, Alex went through the dipping once before, when his skin was giving him serious trouble.
And, while the dips are not pleasant (you know how much cats like getting wet), Alex is a very good boy and he gets rewarded with lots of wet food afterwards.
As soon as he gets the wet food, he forgets the displeasure he just went through.

Happily, we have completed the needed dips during September and, even better, the first two fungal cultures have come out negative for ringworm.
This means that we have almost certainly eradicated the fungus, though we will be doing one more culture to confirm this.

Ringworm is not a medically serious disease, though there is some concern when an FIV+ cat is infected, as his or her immune system may have a difficult time fighting the infection.
We are very happy that none of the cats in the FIV Suite appear to be infected.

By the next update, I hope to be reporting that eradication of the infection has been confirmed and all is back to normal.