Update for Alex

Update for Alex

Hi, I’m Jonathan, the President and Founder of Tabby’s Place.
As you might guess, I have a special place in my heart for FIV+ tabby cats (since Tabby was such a cat). And when we learned that Alex had heart disease, I was drawn even closer to him.
So I offered to be your correspondent for Alex.

After spending the requisite two weeks in a cage in a Holding Room, we were happy to put Alex into the FIV+ Suite.
Although Alex is quite timid, we weren’t worried about him fitting in, since
all of the cats in the FIV+ suite are very laid back.
And, at first, all seemed fine.

But after a few weeks in the room, some of our employees started to worry that Alex just didn’t “look right”.
So, we asked one of our vets to examine Alex and she found that he had lost over a pound since being introduced into the suite, just four weeks earlier.
We were, of course, quite worried and immediately moved him back to a Holding Room for further observation.

Since the employees knew Alex had a fondness for wet food, they gave him him wet food while in his cage. Within two days, Alex had gained back over 1/2 pound!

It didn’t take us long to figure out what was going on: Alex would not eat dry food and since we only feed wet food three times/week, as a treat, Alex was simply not getting enough calories.

So, we moved Alex back to the room and made it a point to give him his own plate of wet food while the other cats in his suite got dry food.
It only took us one day to determine that this wasn’t going to work for Alex.
He was so timid, that he was easily muscled out of the way while other cats ate his wet food.

Because we do what is best for each cat at Tabby’s Place, this problem was easily solved. Twice per day when we give the cats fresh food, we move Alex into one of the Adoption Rooms and give him his own private bowl of wet food to eat.

This has worked wonderfully.
Alex is back to his former weight and once again looks healthy.
And while he is in an Adoption Room, we get to spend time with him.
He is truly a sweet cat and loves human attention.
We really wish that someone would consider adopting Alex.