Update for Adelaide

Update for Adelaide

Happy October, Adelaide adorers.

She may have lived most of her days outdoors, but Addy clearly doesn’t pine for the days of “roughing it.” The frost is on the pumpkin, the hay is on the barn, and, increasingly, the Adelaide is in the suite.

Although she’ll still make brief stops in the solarium (someone’s gotta keep an eye on wild and crazy guys like Wolfie and Newman), these days Addy is cozying up her hours in the climate-controlled Suite FIV.

This may not be entirely about electric heat, however. Much as Addy loves luxury — and she’s made an impressively rapid transition from the howling winds of feraldom to the minky blankets of Tabby’s Place — she loves one thing more.


I have a sneaking suspicion that, if human beings liked being in the cold air of the solarium, Addy would, too. If human beings liked climbing to the roof of Tabby’s Place, Addy would find a way to join them. And if human beings decided to board a rocket ship for the Andromeda Galaxy, Addy would shimmy into her spacesuit.

But human beings, being human, like being where it’s toasty. So, since we furless beasts are keeping warm in Suite FIV, Addy’s happy to abandon the solarium in search of our laps. What better heat source than a human?

And, it seems the secret of Adelaide’s splendor is officially out. Much as I’ve gushed about our girl, I know I’m just one of her many, many admirers. There’s scarcely an hour when I don’t walk by Suite FIV and see Addy purring and muffin-making in some lap or another. Staff, volunteer, random guy named Sven…all humans are lovable humans to one Adelaide.

And perhaps that’s the greatest of Addy’s many gifts: she has a way of making you feel like the most magical, marvelous, beloved human being in the galaxy. And, you know what? She honestly, absolutely means it. There’s no competition; if you’re present, you’re warm, and you have at least a little love to give, you are #1 in Adelaide’s book.

OK, tied for #1. But still.

All this love is clearly good for what ails Addy, as there’s not much of anything ailing her these days. She’s put on some more weight, though she’s still scarcely larger than a cashew, and her mouth is fabulously comfortable. Our vet team notes that, like most cats of a certain age, Adelaide has some kidney disease. But, it’s mild and early enough that it requires no medication.

All Adelaide requires is love. Too much is not enough, so it’s a very good thing she’s got you on her side.

Dear sponsors, thank you for loving Addy so lavishly. If you have a chance to visit Tabby’s Place, she will be over-the-moon with joy to meet you. If not, know that you’re loving her all the same through your generosity. Have a beautiful month!