Feline Medical Issues

We are often contacted by people who feel they must give up their cat due to the cat’s medical condition. The owners say they will not be able to afford treatment, or they can’t spend the required time, or that they can’t deal with the stress.

There is no doubt that dealing with an illness can entail additional cost, time, and may prove stressful. However, you will likely come to find that it is very hard to find a safe place for a healthy cat. You can be assured that it is going to be that much more difficult, likely impossible, to find a facility or person to accept your cat with medical challenges.

Your cat’s best and likely only hope for life is for you to remember your commitment to your cat as a family member and reconsider your decision to abandon him or her.


What if Money is the Problem?

The truth is that you probably can afford the required treatment. Sit down and take a moment to really go over things like your cable TV package, magazine subscriptions, your daily personalized coffee order and similar items. Can these expenses be rearranged or cut out altogether to prioritize the life of your cat?

We understand that there are probably cases where the treatment is very expensive and perhaps your family has already cut expenses to the bone. If that is the case, there are non-profit organizations that help with costs for some medical issues. The following is a partial list of such organizations. Please note that these organizations have no affiliation with Tabby’s Place and we are not familiar with their policies and practices. Please contact them directly for more information.

Again, this list is not exhaustive and it is best you do additional web searches.


What About a Cat that is FIV+ or FeLV+?

Please see our FIV-FeLV information page.


What About Tabby’s Place?

Please see the following page to determine if Tabby’s Place is an option for your cat.