Exceptional Circumstances Program

In fulfilling our mission as a sanctuary for cats from hopeless situations, we focus on accepting cats who were scheduled for euthanasia at other shelters. There is never a “shortage” of cats in this desperate circumstance, so all of our openings can be filled immediately by cats from shelters.

We do, however, recognize that there are cases when a member of the public has a cat that they simply feel they must give up immediately. Rather than completely ignore such cases, we have created the Exceptional Circumstances Program.

Demand for space at Tabby’s Place is high, and our primary mission is those cats who have no one advocating for them. The Exceptional Circumstances Program allows us to accept a cat who has a person or family. In doing so, we are in conflict with our mission. Because of this, acceptance to this program requires a substantial donation, which will allow us to save many more cats in the long term.

The required donation ranges from $5,000 – $15,000, with the specific amount determined after a careful review of the cat’s medical history.

If you are interested in considering this program, please contact our Development Director, Angela Townsend, at at@tabbysplace.org or 908-237-5300 ext 235.