Gender Male
Breed DSH
Color Black
Markings Solid
Personality other
How I Feel About Children Unknown
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Unknown
Age 15 years


Spumoni is a fine big boy (at last check, he weighed almost 18 pounds, and that isn’t all fat) with an equally big personality. He’s an all-black male, probably born around November of 2006. He lived in a house with our Lotti, as well as their loving owner. Most unfortunately, their owner died suddenly. But there’s a silver lining for the felines in this story, because their owner had made arrangements with Tabby’s Place to take both Spumoni and Lotti if anything happened to her.

After their owner’s sudden passing, Spumoni and Lotti had a neighbor coming in daily to feed and care for them, but the constant affection they knew was gone. Relatives were able to trap both cats to bring them to us, and the huge change in surroundings would be a bit much for any feline. Spumoni is clearly still unnerved, but has shown this in an unusual way. He makes a lot of mean-sounding noises that can easily intimidate other felines—but for all the noise he makes, he has yet to go after any other cat.

Our staff knows that Spumoni can be a very sweet boy; he’s demonstrated this to them repeatedly. And he is improving with us. For the present, however, we suggest he go to a home without small children. And we believe he’d do best in a quiet home, with one other cat at most.

If you can give Spumoni’s story a happy ending, won’t you come in to meet him? We believe that his "tough guy" attitude will not last.