Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Black
Markings Solid
Personality Timid
Age 22 years


Skye is a beautiful all-black female with intense eyes. Like most of our cats, she was a stray picked up by an overcrowded shelter; as they ran out of space, they began to look for options for her. We were happy that we had an opening for Skye. When she first came to us, Skye was simply terrified of people. She would cower in the back of her cage & cringe whenever someone approached her. After many months and a lot of effort by our staff and volunteers, Skye is doing much better. She’s still a shy girl, but she actively seeks attention from some people now.

Update: Skye, now in our weight management suite, has become so much better with people we can hardly believe it. She loves attention, and will always come up for petting. She’ll probably always be on the shy side, and she’ll need a quieter environment, but for the first time we feel confident she’d make someone a good, loving companion.