Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Black
Markings Solid
Personality Outgoing Timid
How I Feel About Children Unknown
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 16 years


Our first impression of this demure little girl was that she was a bit of a wallflower, so we named her Shy. That,s turned out to be a big mistake. She,s not so shy as she is discerning, taking her own sweet time to get to know the humans she meets before fully trusting them (we could probably all learn from her example).

As for cats, Shy,s practically the belle of the ball, forever ready to greet nervous newcomers with a smile and maybe even a crumpled piece of paper to play with. For this reason, Shy knows she,d be the perfect addition to a home that already has a few felines in residence, but more importantly, she,s looking forward to meeting that one special person who can finally win her unbridled trust and affection.