Gender Male
Breed DMH
Color Black White
Markings Bicolor
Personality Friendly Affectionate
How I Feel About Children Unknown
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 21 years


Milo has absolutely enormous paws that look as though they belong on a much bigger feline. He’s a good-sized boy, but he’s not huge, so his paws can be a bit startling. Some of Milo’s large size might be due to his long fur, which will invariably make a cat appear more substantial than he really is. Milo has a large black patch over his head, black spots on his back, and a black tail; the rest of his coat is white, and he has enormous amber eyes. He is an absolute love-bug, and he’s not shy about demanding attention from you. Nothing suits him better than someone sitting at the front desk, as he’ll simply make himself at home in that person’s lap.

We estimate that Milo is 8 years old (as of 2/2010). Milo has polycystic kidneys—multiple cysts on both kidneys, and his kidneys are quite enlarged. Currently, Milo has elevated kidney values which may be attributed to his enlarged kidneys or due to an infection in his bladder and kidneys. At this time, we are treating him with fluid therapy and antibiotics. We hope to see Milo’s kidney values improve, but currently his prognosis is uncertain (it’s early February, 2010 as I write this). We will give you more information as we receive it, but we hope you’ll come in to meet our newest lobby snuggler, even if you don’t have adoption on your mind right now.

Update: Sadly, Milo’s kidney values have recently shown a drastic increase indicating that his kidney disease is progressing. We’ve begun treating him with some medications to support his kidneys and, of course, giving him lots of extra love which we hope will keep him comfortable and happy for the rest of his time with us.