Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Black
Markings Other
Personality Friendly
How I Feel About Children Unknown
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 7 years


We think people in this country have been overlooking an excellent, easily renewable source of power for too long. If someone could merely figure out a way to harness the energy of kittens like these, it would go a long way toward resolving our dependency on fossil fuels! Oahu and Kona are a pair of exceptionally active sisters. All of their running around isn’t a surprise, given that we think they were born around April 1st (2015), so they’re still just babies. They’re healthy girls as far as we can determine.

Oahu is black with a white spot on her tummy; Kona is black with white spots on her tummy and the upper part of her chest. They can be very sweet but are still somewhat on the timid side with people. While they don’t need to be adopted together, it would be a big plus if they had another feline of the same age around, someone with whom they could expend that seemingly limitless energy. Come in to meet this pair of charmers and see if you can resist them.